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Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal Croydon , train all personnel to the very highest standards in both identification and eradication.

Entomology plays a large part in understanding the habitats and characteristics of stinging insects and the safest ways to control them. Wasptec provide this part of training to all of our technicians. Call Wasptec, wasp nest removal Croydon - today.

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The two species of wasp controlled by Wasptec are the Common Wasp and the European or German Wasp.

Both species are widespread throughout the Croydon borough. Common Wasps nest under ground and European wasps will build above ground level but both insects will attack in there abundance if threatened

Identifying the bee or wasp species in question enables the correct treatments to be applied, this ensures a safe and effective remedy is supplied each and every time.

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Wasps like to build nests in enclosed areas such as loft spaces, wall cavities and sheds, when nests are concealed professional treatments are required

The common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) will nest underground and is responsible for most wasp attacks. The nests are concealed and can be accidentally walked across which leads the wasps to attack. The slightest vibration will alert the wasps to defend their colony and they do so in vast numbers. Call Wasptec wasp nest removal Croydon now.

Licensed products are far stronger than shop bought products and far more effective. There are also specific humane

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How many wasps are there in a nest?

A fully grown wasps nest may contain between 10,000 and 50,000 wasps, even more when the conditions are right. This is why professional wasp control is advised.

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Are treatments safe when you are pregnant?

Yes, so long as the insecticide is applied by an experienced professional with full COSHH training. You must use a credited supplier and not a handyman for guaranteed safety.

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Can insecticides harm other wildlife?

Yes but not if administered in the correct way, even DIY insecticides can be extremely harmful to bats and fish if not applied correctly. Wasptec are conscious of our environment and will never harm any fauna or wildlife during treatments.

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There are 25 species of Bumblebee in the UK nearly all are beneficial to our Eco structure. Free advice available on Bumblebees.

Although Bumblebees are not a protected species it does not mean they should be destroyed. Wasptec can give free expert advice in regards to all Bumblebee Species in Croydon.

Wasptec undertake strict responsibility in protecting the environment and bumblebees are an important factor. A site survey is required to be able to fully advise on the bee species in question and the best course of action to take.

One species of Bumblebee that is detrimental to all other native bees is the Asian Tree Bumblebee. This species likes to live away from the ground, often in lofts and under fascia boards. Call Wasptec if you are experiencing issues with this type of bee.

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Can you help with carpenter bees?

Yes, but there really is no need. The Carpenter bee is a solitary bee and will cause you no harm, they can not sting and are sadly in decline. Please don't destroy Carpenter Bees.

Where do Bumblebees live?

Most species of Bumblebee will nest underground, under sheds, compost heaps and tree stumps is the most common place. Asian Tree Bumblebees are one species that nest higher up.

Why do I have bees all over my wall?

This is most likely to be a mason bee infestation. This is small solitary bee but they can nest close together in there thousands. Call Wasptec for identification advice.



Honeybees are the only swarming bee found in the Croydon area and are of great environmental importance

Honeybees are the planets most effective pollinators and can produce a staggering amount of honey which is so beneficial for human consumption and for our health.

Wasptec, Bee Removal Croydon, has experts on standby to relocate bee swarms from your home or garden and transfer into nearby hives. If swarms can not safely be collected then a treatment maybe required.

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Can you help with a swarm of bees?

Yes, Wasptec have a number of beekeepers available to collect swarms and give to local hives spread all across the London area. Wasptec will advise if bee swarms can't be collected.

Do we have African bees in the UK?

No, fortunately this species of bee has not arrived on our shores as yet and its not expected to do so. Bee swarms in the UK are quite harmless and are only produced by honeybees.

How do I learn more about bees?

There are many good websites out there, BWARS is a great place to start along with the BBKA official website and the British Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Wasptec wasp nest removal croydao are easy to contact.



Wasp Nest Removal Croydon have local branches in Sutton and Bromley and can facilitate all CR, BR and SM postcode locations.

If you have a residential property or if you are a commercial premises and are based in Greater London then Wasptec can quickly help you. Give a buzz today for a quick response to your problem.

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How do I know what species I have?

There are so many different types of wasp and bee it would be very difficult to tell without help. Call Wasptec and we will do our best to identify the species for you.

Are treatments safe for pets?

Yes, we do suggest to keep hyperactive dogs inside the property during the process because we often need to use ladders but the chemical used will not go anywhere near any pets.

Are treatments environmentally safe?

Absolutely, Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon will never cause harm to any other form of wildlife, the treatments are administered directly into the source and not into the.



Extra care is required when tackling a hornet colony, stings are very painful and attacks can be fatal.

Wasptec Wasps Nests Removal Croydon have dedicated hornet control experts who specialise in safe hornet removals throughout London and the local suburbs.

There are currently two species of hornet in London and Surrey, The European hornet and the Asian hornet, the latter being a potential disaster for our honeybee colonies.

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Do I have Asian Hornet Species?

Asian Hornets or Vespa Velutina have a distinct bright yellow face, a black abdomen and a black and orange striped thorax. They are very defensive and you should keep well clear of the nest.

Do Hornets Nest in Woodland?

Yes, but they have adapted very well to more urban city areas and many nests are found around the home and garden even in a city as populated as Croydon.

Are Hornet Species Protected?

No, hornets need to be controlled of nesting nearby, they can attack with provocation and can prove fatal. Hornets in the countryside can be left alone if there is no risk to the public.

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