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Wasptec, wasp nest removal Croydon, use Ficam D insecticed a commercial dust containing anaesthetics to help calm and sedate during treatments

Insecticidal usage should be carried out only by experienced and COSHH aware personnel. Many pesticides will cause damage to the environment if administered incorrectly.

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Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon are the districts leading bee experts available for all bee removal & control

Wasptec have undergone extensive training with bee swarms and use the latest equipment and bait boxes to help collect and transport them.

If insecticides are needed for bee nest removal in Croydon then we assure you it will be delivered in the most humane way possible. The bees will never suffer with Wasptec.

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Wasptec have been controlling wasps in Croydon for over 27 years. Expert knowledge of wasp, bee & hornets species

A free site visit is made and an evaluation of which insecticide is best to use for the job in hand. The technician will explain the process to you whist on site.

Wasptec Wasp Nests Removals Croydon are fully licensed to use controlled and regulated insecticides that are not available to the general public.

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What Insecticides are used?

Wasptec use an odourless dust called Ficam D for most of our wasp nest removals. It is fast acting and will kill off a wasp colony within a couple of hours.

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Are the insecticides safe?

If administered in the correct way then yes the insecticide will cause no harm to you, your children or your pets. They are perfectly safe even during pregnancy and for Asthma sufferers.

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Do you have COSHH in place?

Wasptec Wasp Nest Removals Croydon follow all regulations for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and all personnel are trained fully in accordance.

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