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Wasptec, Wasp Nests Removal Croydon, have set price for all  pest control treatments throughout Croydon, Sutton and Bromley.

If you have hornets invading the garden or bees settling in the chimney our technicians can help. Resolving the issue quickly is the best policy which is what we do best.

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Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal in Sutton, Croydon and Bromley for both residential and commercial markets.

For a humane and environment friendly service call in the specialists from Wasptec, covering all BR, CR and SM postcode areas.

Picnics, walks and pruning the flower beds can all be marred by annoying wasps, help keep wasps at bay by having colonies treated early. If you spot a nest nearby give us a call.

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Wasptec - Wasp Nest Removal Croydon , Bee Control, Hornet and Wasp Soultions



Why pay more? Wasptec will never charge you more than £45 for a fully guaranteed wasp control remedy.

Costs will vary considerably from one pest control Croydon company to another but you know where you are with the Wasptec fixed price guarantee.

Wasptec wasp nest removal Cropydon keep pricing permanently low, over 30% cheaper than Croydon council and we also offer a 50% discount on multiple infestations.

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Hornet colonies are the most dangerous of all insects and experienced technicians should always be used to help control them.

Hornets will often be found on homes and in gardens throughout the Croydon borough and they should be treated with the greatest respect.

Hornets will often inhabit lofts, sheds and cavity walls, they can be extremely noisy especially at night and can be dangerous to have living nearby. Call Our expert hornet control service for advice and appointments.

Guaranteed Service - Wasp Nest Removal Croydon
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Bombus Hypnorum is an Asian species of Bumblebee that has spread rapidly across the London area

Identifiable by an orange thorax and white fluffy white tail you need to be very careful with these bees. They like to nest in lofts and if disturbed can be extremely nasty.

Wasptec do provide a bee control service for Asian Tree Bumbles because of the dangers they pose to the public and the threat they have to the native British bees.

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Honeybees often swarm during April and July settling in public areas, homes and gardens. Wasptec can help.

Wasptec employ resident beekeeping experts who can often relocate a bee swarm into nearby hives and will do there best to save the bee colony.

If honeybees have situated themselves in areas inaccessible for our beekeepers to collect then controls may have to be made. Full advice will be given if the situation arises.

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Wasptec wasp nest removal Croydon and throughout Bromley can help.

Enviromentally Friendly

Do treatments harm other wildlife?

No, Wasptec administer treatments into the heart of the infestation which will cause never cause harm to any other nearby creature.

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Can Wasptec Kill Bees?

Yes, but we do try our best to relocate bees if we can. Unfortunately bees that can not be relocated cause all kinds of problems to buildings because of the honey produced attracting other insects and vermin.

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Are Wasptec Eco Friendly?

Wasptec have a green policy and endeavour to protect the environment whenever we carry out control measures. Wasptec work in conjunction with all guidelines from the British Bee Keeping Authority and the British Bumblebee Trust.

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Wasptec Experts provide Local Wasp Nest Removal in Croydon , Bromley and nearby areas

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