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WASPTEC, wasp nest removal Croydon, work hard to protect bees. British ecology depends on pollinaton provided by certain  bees.

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Call Wasptec Wasps Nest Removal Croydon today if you require expert advice or pest technician appointments.

Wasptec can quickly remove wasps in the attic, bees in the chimney or hornets in the shed. Call now to book your appointment with one of our specialist technicians.

Wasptec can treat colonies whilst you are at work, all we need is access to the insects entry point and the infestation will be gone by the time you return home. Payments can be made by BACS that evening.

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Wasptec can give you free advice on all bee species, wasp problems and hornet control and arrange for the quickest resolve to your issue.

Contacting Wasptec about any pest control issue is easy, our phone lines are manned 15 hours a day, seven days a week and a specialist is always available to answer any queries.

For a totally Green approach to pest control, Wasptec will always protect the local environment during our pest control solutions and will never harm the surrounding fauna and wildlife.

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Call our emergency Beekeeping service for any honeybee swarm that has landed nearby.

Wasptec will advise and arrange for a beekeeper to attend post haste to clear the swarm. Advice on bees, why they swarm, identification and resolves can all be supplied by the Wasp Nest Removal Croydon team. Advice is free but knowledge can help you decide if the bees are an issue or not.

It is irresponsible to kill bees if they can safely be relocated, bees are so important to our Eco structure and should be protected wherever feasible. Wasptec are keen to preserve the environment and will always attempt to re-home bees.

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How Do I Remove a Wasps Nest?

There are DIY Wasp killer powders available from local stores but these are not recommended due to there weak content and there difficulty to administer properly.

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Where can I buy Wasp Killer?

Local hardware stores and garden centres supply wasp killer products. Please be aware that wasp nests contain many thousand wasps and these products are not advisable.

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Is Wasp Nest Removal Safe?

Wasp Control is only safe if administered by trained and skilled personnel. DIY treatments are from safe and often lead to hospitalisation. Experience and protection is paramount for safe wasp nest removal.

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