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All bees are of significant importance but no, bees are not protected. As a responsible company Wasptec endeavour to relocate bees wherever possible

Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal Croydon, are environmentally aware and cause no harm to any bee species if it can be avoided. Some infestations can not be reached and humane treatments may need to be applied.

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Wasptec have many local beekeepers available to relocate honeybee swarms within Greater London

Bee swarms can be quite alarming but stay well clear and call in the experts who can safely collect the swarm and take the bees away for you.

Some Pest Control Croydon companies are unable to collect swarms and will simply apply treatments, Wasptec are environmentally aware and will attempt to relocate bee swarms even if they are not protected.

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Bee Swarm Removal Croydon

Buzz Wasptec today for free advice on all bee species.

Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon are here to help.

Local Beekeeping Experts

Bee Control Croydon

Bees are not protected and can often cause concern if dwelling close to home or public areas,
Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon can give free advice over the phone.


If you have concerns by nearby nesting bees please call for the best possible advice and most humane remedies.

Our environmentally aware technicians can resolve many issues without harming the bees and can offer a very quick response time.

Safety has to be the most important factor whilst dealing with bee swarms and Wasptec have experience in abundance. Wasptec will never cause bees to attack during our service.

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The venom from a wasp sting, hornet sting & even a bee sting can cause the patient to go into anaphylactic shock

Be aware of respiratory problems or severe swelling to the mouth and throat, two strong indications anaphylaxis has occurred. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Insect stings will cause discomfort, itching and minor swelling for most people but those will allergies the symptoms can be far worse.

Anaphylactic shock One in three people in the UK have allergies, some more severe than others, but allergies to insect stings can be fatal. If you are concerned a good site to visit is anaphylaxis.org.uk where they have full details about this condition

EpiPens are worth acquiring if you are a known sufferer, the epinephrine administered works by reversing the anaphylaxis symptoms.

Your local doctor will be able to prescribe an EpiPen to allergy sufferers, this is a simple injection taken after an insect sting. EpiPens save thousands of lives every year and should always be carried by known sufferers. Call Wasptec Wasp nest removal Croydon .

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Bees can't always be saved no matter how hard we try, if bees have resided on your premises call for free advice

If bees can't be removed then they can become a health and safety issue and control measures will need to be made. Wasptec only use the most humane methods for control.

Wasps Nests Removal in Croydon and local suburbs have a team dedicated to bee preservation and humane remedies as and when the need arise.

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Bee swarms are a natural occurrence that generally take place during Spring. Bees swarm when new Queens are produced.

Bee swarms are not dangerous when in flight, all they are doing is looking for a new home to settle in, they can settle a few times before deciding this is a good home with a nice neighbourhood.

Honeybees, like other species of bee are not protected. Bee Swarm Removal & relocation is always the best option.

Relocating bee swarms should only be done by professionals, bees will sting if under threat or duress and as many as eighty thousand bees can be in a swarm Wasptec wasp nest removal Croydon specialise in handling bees.

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Why are bees not protected?

We all know the benefits of bees but like all insects they can pose a health risk if nesting on properties, they also cause severe structural damage with the honey they produce.

Do wasps have a purpose?

Very much so, in the first few months wasps feed on small bugs and insects which are a great natural help to farmers. It is only later in the season when wasps are of no real use.

Do hornets feed on bees?

No, but they can kill a hive of bees within a few hours, they do this to feed upon the honey within the hive. The Asian Hornet will be a real threat to our honeybees in the future.

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