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Wasptec, professional wasp, hornet and bee removal throughout the Croydon borough seven days a week.

Wasptec, wasp nest removal Croydon, have been treating infestations in Croydon for over 27 years and have a highly experienced team ready to resolve your wasp, bee or hornet colony.

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Wasptec Pest Control offer Domestic and Commercial wasp control at the most competitive rates

Wasps, bees and hornets all cause problems, especially during warm Summer months, Wasptec, wasp nest removal Croydon, can resolve any issue quickly, safely and effectively.

If you are experiencing wasps going in and out of a specific entry point then it is evident you have a wasp nest about your home or garden. Wasptec offer a quick response to leave you completely wasp free.

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Highly Trained Local Technicians

Wasptec can be with you in the shortest time possible. Call Today.

Wasp Nest Removal Costs

Wasptec are very competitive, prices are fixed and currently 30% cheaper than Croydon council pest control.,

Wasp Nest Removal


100% Guarantee

Wasp nests are charged at a fixed rate of just £55 throughout the Croydon Borough.

Hornet Control


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Hornet infestations cost just £65 for a guaranteed safe hornet control treatment.

Bee Removal


Easy Contact

Bees can be relocated or controlled for only £75, Free bee advice is available

Bee Swarm Removal


Eco Friendly

Honeybees can be collected and taken to local beekeepers to look after. Only £85.

Wasptec experts in Wasp Nest Removal throughout Croydon and neighbouring areas

Genuine 100% Guarantee

Wasp Nest Removal Croydon

Wasp, hornet and bee nest removals are all covered by our
full guarantee which can be downloaded by following the link below.

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Wasptec treatments are 98% successful, if for any reason activity remains 48 hours after treatment simply give us a call for a retreat at no extra charge

Wasptec treatments are 98% successful, if for any reason activity remains 48 hours after treatment simply give us a call and we will retreat at no extra charge Wasptec treatments are 98% successful, if for any reason activity remains 48 hours after treatment simply give us a call and we will retreat at no extra charge. Download the Wasp Removal Guarantee


Wasps have been around since the Triassic period millions of years ago and will no doubt be around for millions more.
There are over 250,000 species of wasp worldwide with only a few that cause issues here in Croydon.

The European wasp, Common wasp and the hornet are the three most frequent visitors to our homes and gardens, all of which build large colonies that can be potentially very dangerous to remove.

Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon, deal with Wasp nests that come in all shapes and sizes, they may contain 20,000 or more insects and can be the size of car if left to build for a full season. 50,000 or more wasps in a single colony is common.

Wasps and hornets are very protective of their Queen and attack in large quantities if their nest is disturbed. Wasp Nest Removal Croydon are very experienced with wasp and hornet colonies.

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Insect stings and bites can trigger an allergic reaction otherwise known as Anaphylactic shock.

Venom from a bee, hornet or wasp sting can cause severe allergic reactions. Throat and mouth can swell and breathing difficulties can occur.

This is a form of Anaphylaxis and can be fatal. Medical attention should be obtained as soon as possible. For expert advice call Wasptec Wasp Nest Removal Croydon.

Stings often happen to children whilst playing in the garden or whist enjoying a picnic or day out and although most stings are just unpleasant it is always worth checking for abnormal swelling or respiratory problems.

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Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal Croydon, will never cause a swarm or attack whilst carrying out controlled treatments, your family will be kept safe at all times

The insecticides used by our pest control Croydon team all contain anaesthetic which helps sedate the colony and prevents the insects from attacking.

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The majority of bee stings occur in the garden area, whilst pruning the flowerbeds or doing a spot of gardening. Bee stings can cause anaphylactic shock.

The symptoms of anaphylaxis are the same for wasp, bee and hornet stings, extreme swelling, closing of airways and sickness should be checked after stings.

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Secure, Safe, Tracked Payments


Croydon and neighbouring towns


Wasptec, Wasp Nest Removal Croydon have specialised in stinging insects and there safe control for over 27 years.

Experience is vital when controlling potentially dangerous colonies containing 50,000 or more multiple stinging insects. Safety is Guaranteed with Wasptec.

DIY Wasp killer products are available but can be difficult and dangerous to administer. They are only half the strength of licensed products and are often ineffective for large or inaccessible colonies.

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Wasptec will always try to relocate and protect all bee species if we possibly can. Honeybee swarms can often be transferred from where they have settled and placed into local hives.

If bees can not be relocated for any reason and you can't live with them then our Bee Nest Removal Croydon technicians can offer safe and humane treatments.

Wasp nest removal croydon, Image of a Bee Swarm
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Honeybees will often swarm during the months of March and June and can often settle on your home, on trees and in the garden. Call Wasptec and speak with a specialist beekeeper today.

Bee Swarm Removal in Croydon, Orpington and Bromley is carried out by an experienced beekeeper who will take the swarm to a nearby hive and will look after them for years to come.

Image of Nest for Croydon wasptec Wasp nest removal
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